No Confidence, No Sales

A few months ago, following a news story about a con-man who made millions from selling sham bomb detectors, I wrote about the importance of being able to sell confidently – even for products which are honest and genuine.

Like me, I’m sure you will have seen sales people from the same team, selling the same thing where some are confident and others are not: the confident ones sell more and generally have a better time of it. Undoubtedly, confidence – by which I mean self-confidence (as in having faith in one’s own abilities) – is a big factor in successful selling.

A significant milestone in much of the one-to-one coaching I give is when a sales rep starts to increase in confidence, and one of the most rewarding aspects of this is seeing that moment when he or she becomes bolder and seems less fazed by the usual knocks to grow in stature and start winning more sales. Talk about job satisfaction for both of us. At such times, more often than not, latent aptitudes come through, such as a positive change in approach, or, in the case of a team leader, the development of a more assertive manner: all wonderful things to witness and I am lucky to see this often. My reward continues with the thrill (yes, really) of planning how best to nurture that new and revitalised talent to maximise sales. As a task it’s as good as it gets because it usually leads in one direction – improved results on a number of levels. The sky is now the limit and the journey is exciting.

The icing on the cake is when I can let the company’s board know that they are in for some very good news.