Increasingly, sales-driven and results-focused businesses have been using a one-to-one approach to improve the motivation and skill levels of their staff. It has long been recognised in the learning community that people improve more quickly and effectively on a one-to-one basis than via traditional, classroom-style learning.

Unlike training which is based on theory and essentially centred on a trainer instructing a group, coaching is based on the practical and is far more flexible. Because sessions are one-to-one, coach and sales rep can work together, to focus on individual targets, specific sales challenges and any difficulties.

We often use the analogy of elite sports coaching because just like a sports coach, our sales coach focuses on individual performance, helping salespeople get from where they are now, to where they need to be if they are to achieve and surpass their targets.

Each coaching programme is tailored towards the aim of positive change in two essential areas:

  1. Your salespeople’s sales technique
  2. The value (and/or number) of sales they make.

Our sales coaching sessions address these areas to form a series of virtuous circles – giving your salespeople support each time they go back in the job, refreshing and refining their technique so that they are constantly improving to achieve more.

The goal is always to direct the individual – whatever his or her sales experience – to attain the best sales they can, and to go on achieving.