Do you lead an organisation for which active selling forms a vital part?

Do you need better results from your sales people?

It’s well known that a company’s greatest asset is its people. Our belief goes further: regardless of size, an organisation’s greatest asset is its sales people.

Because without sales there is no business.

But sales people can be expensive to employ, and underperforming sales people are a drain on any business. While the type of sales activity will vary according to what you’re selling and how you sell it, it’s a fair bet that once you have taken admin, travel and meetings into account, your sales people are not spending anywhere near as much time proactively selling as you might like to think.

In our experience the vast majority of salespeople want to be busy and are happiest when they know they are being properly led. But, for whatever cause or reason, once that lack of sales ‘paralysis’ sets in, it takes time and expertise to guide them back into the race and performing well again.